Hey, I'm Donrique.

I'm a guitar player, songwriter, music producer, and graphic designer from New Jersey.

Ok, you got me. My real name isn't Donrique. It's Derek Sammak.

But I wanted a cool stage name like Slash, Sting, or Boy George and Donrique.com was available on GoDaddy so I figured, "Ok, I'll be Donrique now" #Marketing

My music kind of sounds like if John Mayer, Tommy Emmanuel, Yelawolf, Yellowcard, and Eminem had a baby. Well, maybe not to you, but that's what's going on in my head atleast.

Oh yea, let's get the "Accolades" out of the way so you start thinking "oh, this Don-rico guy is legit, I'm gunna keep reading" #MoreMarketing

  • Signed a record deal with a Grammy Winning Producer from a song/music video I wrote and recorded in a basement with my friend Jonny Gorenc. (We were an alternative hip-hop duo called The Pilot Kids)

  • Placed top 5 at The 2015 Canadian Guitar Festival, Fingerstyle Guitar Competition.

  • Designed t-shirts (that were actually printed and they sold on tour) for Taking Back Sunday, Atticus Clothing

Phew, now that I got that out of the way, I can go back to talking about myself.

First got into the NJ music scene at age 14 as a graphic designer. Started going to local indie rock shows in Freehold NJ and befriending the bands, offering to help design their merchandise. (t-shirts, websites, album artwork, etc) Began designing and printing band shirts in my garage.

Starting my own line of t-shirts called Kill The Pilot Designs, began selling at shows

Began playing the acoustic guitar. Started playing op punk/indie rock acoustic songs first but then discovered fingerstyle guitar after watching Andy McKee's video for 'Drifting' on YouTube.

Studied Fine Art at the University Of The Arts in Philadelphia and began playing shows/open mics in Phildelphia.

Began recording my guitar songs in college and discovered music production in the process. Started making hip hop beats and sending them to my highschool friend and rapper, Jonny Gorenc.

Formed an alternative hip hop duo in 2011 with Jonny Gorenc called The Pilot Kids.

Began writing original music together and put out a music video called Million Bucks that got the attention of Grammy Award Winning Songwriters and Producers, Tricky Stewart and The Dream.

Moved to Los Angeles to work with Tricky and his team. Put out our first (and only) EP as The Pilot Kids called 'Open Fire!'

Moved back to New Jersey in 2017 to reconnect with my New Jersey roots and launch my new solo project as Donrique.

Currently I’ve written over 150 songs