Real music happens on the streets, not in the studio.

“Hey bro, can I play your guitar"


homless dude hands me his Coca Cola cup filled with some kind of drink that’s not Coca Cola and I hand him my $1500 Maton acoustic guitar.

When I first went out to LA with Jonny as The Pilot Kids, this was the first thing that happened when we checked out Venice beach for the first time.

And as I scrolled through my old hard drive to find something to post for Throw Back Thursday, and something that connected to my time in California, this is the shot that felt the most authentic TO ME.

All the shots of the Hollywood Hills, and the sessions in studios don’t compare to what music is really about: busting out a guitar with some people that you’ve never met and connecting with each other for even a brief moment.

That’s the shit I love most.

Derek Sammak