Oopy. Gloopy. Droopy.
Simple starch.
Complex flavor.
Perfect circle.
So many ways to prepare you but the outcome is always the same.
A little sliver of heaven in the morning.
Heat up the griddle.
Hear the butter sizzle.
Run my fingers across your soft, porous skin.
Warm. Tacky. Fluffy.
Stack you on top of your family.
Sweet caramel ruminates the kitchen.
Too many senses to know what to do with.
I take a bite; soft, chewy, delicate and sweet.
Melts like butter.
Chocolate chips are almost too much to handle.
So good.
You are my friend.
Don’t go to fast though.
Syrupy pool to dip you in.
Most and dewy.
Feels like a carefree time.
A simple pleasure that can only bring you joy.
Delicate dough on the countertop.
Sticky sponge wipes you away.
Got my fix.
Now all that’s left is specks of powder and cringy batter.
Pan is charred and smells like metal.
Time to clean up your mess.

Object WritingDerek Sammak