Tussled hair.
Perfect skin like shiny leaves.
Walking awkwardly through chilled autumn dusk.
Picking crawly bugs from the surface of rocks and rugged pavement
Digging in the cracks of sidewalks
Fingernails long and healthy, filled with cool dirt and earth
Simple feeling overtop the yellow glow, that peers behind the tall and confident pines.
Baby bird hums a familiar song that lets you know it’s almost dinner time.
Blood is warm and cools the skin with a gentle mist, trickling down the furry brow.
Wagon wheels squeak up the street.
Metal, rubber, and gravel echo through the wooden chambers called homes.
Soft yellow glow dances off the street from the streetlight totem poles that line and guard the families living together.
Dust from leaves pepper the sky.

Object WritingDerek Sammak