Peering in. Peeking.
Kissing my skin and face all day.
Specks of dust float.
Dancing across the beige kitchen counter.
Catching purple and green.
Tiny slivers. Full spectrum.
Bubbles blooming from brisk Pennsylvania water.
Hidden in the woods.
Somewhere but everywhere.
I’ve heard of your speed.
In a book, or on the internet but I’ve never seen you move.
I just know you are there.
Blue pulsating orbs pull the corners of my eye.
Make me look up at you.
Delicate eyelash filters break you up and morph your shape.
Brisk air runs through my lips.
I’m running.
Passes through my teeth, hits my throat and fills my body.
Light shoots like a rocket from the tops of golden green giants and heats the side of my air filled cheek.
A cold pocket of skin being warmed from the outside in.
Cold air, warm light.
Warm. Delicate. Eternal. Love.

Object WritingDerek Sammak