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Trust the process

We’ve all heard it before, ”Trust the process”

But what does that really mean?

The best way I can break it down is like this:

The way to truly “trust the process” is to:

Fully let go of trying to control the outcome of what you want.
And to fully give up all expectation for the thing that you want actually working out at all.

If can truly achieve this state of mind, the thing you want will actually happen.
And not in a way you expected, but in a way you didn’t expect, but still fulfills your desire.

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The Basics

Most of the time when I sit down to do my thing, nothing really exciting happens.

I don’t have anything to say.
I don’t have any fancy licks up my sleeve.

So I bust out the guitar and just play the same old G major chord that’s been around for a million years.

”It feels good, but it’s so boring. It’s been done before. I can’t just do this basic shit”

But who cares.
It sounds good.

If being fancy isn’t working, go back to the basics.
There’s an infinite amount of musical potential with just one chord.

ThoughtsDerek Sammak
Playing guitar is not always fun

Neither is lifting weights, making the bed, or forcing yourself to add some spinach to your smoothie because you realized you haven’t eaten enough greens today.

But you wake up everyday and do it. Because you’re committed. And because there’s something on the other end that is pulling you towards excellence. And because there’s something here now about it that makes you feel alive, present, and capable of anything because you feel yourself actually following through and doing it.

I don’t always like practicing guitar, writing lyrics, singing, or performing. A lot of the times it hurts. But I made a commitment to work at it everyday. Because it keeps me sharp, grounded, and seems to bring joy to other people. So I do it.

Getting inspired is easy. Following through is hard work. But If you are truly committed to anything, you trust the process and get after it.

ThoughtsDerek Sammak