FREE Mini Course - 7 Signature Fingerstyle Guitar Licks

I tabbed out 7 of my tastiest guitar licks for you to enjoy for FREE! They’re super easy to learn because the guitar tabs are synced perfectly below a video of me playing each lick. And the craziest thing is that you can slow down the video and tab and learn at your own pace.

How To Play LA Funk (A Fingerstyle Guitar Song)

With over 250,000 views online, this is easiest my most popular fingerstyle guitar song I’ve written.

Fingerstyle Fundamentals

From Blackbird to Stairway To Heaven, some of the most iconic songs ever written started with a simple little fingerpicking idea on the acoustic guitar. Have no idea what fingerpicking is but you want to try it out? Or maybe you’re a pro picker but you’re feeling bored and uninspired? Well I got you. With this course we’re going back to fundamentals to lay the framework for fingerstyle guitar. The course will re-structure your approach to playing the acoustic guitar and set your technique on a path towards mastery.