Are you trying desperately to write great songs on the acoustic guitar and it’s just not happening? Even worse, you’re trying to figure out how to record your songs (that you’re really not that happy with anyway) and you have no idea what you’re doing, it sounds like a$$, and you’re ready to smash your guitar and give up? (Ohhh, how I’ve been there) Have no fear, I got you!



First of all you have done a very nice job organizing the parts of the tutorial (its very easy to go back and forth and saved me a lot of time)

I was very curious about the triplet technique and I finally figured it out (I am playing it though with thumb, mid finger, and pointer instead of thumb, pointer, thumb by strumming the 4th string with mid finger... Its more easy to me)

You are very analytical in every technique that is used and this is what I wanted to learn actually because I have bought only the tabs some months ago.. and couldn’t figure out every trick or hidden technique

The lesson is perfect!
— -Panagiotis Vidalakis, Greece